Version 2.0.0

During the update for version 2.0.0, some manual changes are necessary.


Create a backup of the database and the media directory (default: /srv/helfertool/media). Including the media directory in the backup is important as these files will be changed during the update.


Update the Helfertool (see documentation).

Migrate media files

The files in in the media directory are now split into two directories: private and public. Only the public directory is served directly without access control.

The migration is implemented as management command. If you use helfertoolctl, run:

helfertoolctl manage migrate_files

For manual deployments, run:

python migrate_files

In case you do not use the helfertoolctl or the Docker container, update your web server configuration.

  • Old configuration: the complete media directory is served as /media.

  • New configuration: the media/public directory is served as /media/public. The private directory is not accessible via the web server.


The newsletter subscription is changed as described in the changelog. No manual changes are necessary, but the new subscription flow should be reviewed.

If the Check installation page shows issues for the templates, edit the Newsletter subscription template once (empty text is ok).

Mail validation is now required for all events. The configuration option to disable it was removed.

Verify web server configuration

Helfertool uses the domain, which is used to access the page, to generate URLs for e-mails. If your instance is reachable with different domain names, this may be confusing.

For example, if you subscribe on, the e-mail will contain a link to If you access the same instance on instead, the link will be

It may be desirable that the same URL is used always. This can be achived with a redirect in the reverse proxy. For nginx, the example config contains:

# redirect to "" if necessary (without www)
if ($host != '') {
        return 301$request_uri;