Access control


Admins have the rights to do everything with an event, including delete the complete data.

Job admins

When editing an job you can add the so called job admins. These users can see and edit the helpers for a specific job. Here is a list of things they can or cannot do:

Can do

  • View the number of helpers for all jobs and shifts
  • Add helpers to their job, also before the registration is open
  • Edit or delete helpers of their job
  • Search helpers (will list also helpers of other jobs, only the name is visible)
  • View the names, phone numbers and mail addresses of all coordinators of the event
  • Send mails to the helpers and coordinators of their job
  • View the T-shirt statistic of their job

Cannot do

  • Edit the event
  • Edit the job and shifts (e.g. change the number of helpers)
  • Create links
  • View the helpers of other jobs
  • Send mails to all helpers of the event
  • View the total number of helpers
  • Anything with badges

Permissions to add users or events

An user can have the permission to create new events or add new users. A user can see whether he has some of these permissions or not.