Manage jobs and shifts

Only admins can add new jobs and shifts or change them.


Each job has a name (e.g. Security). You can decide for each job if it should be visible publicly. If this is not set the registration is only possible with a link or for logged in users with the appropriate permission.

For some jobs is it necessary to have received some instructions for the handling of food (“Gesundheitsbelehrung”) from a doctor. If this is necessary for a job a person that wants to register for it is asked if he has this thing.

You can and should add a description for each jobs.

See also

The meaning of job admins is explained in Permissions and access control.


You now can add shifts for a job. Each shift has a begin, an end and a maximal number of helpers. Additionally you can add an optional name for each shift.

Even if the jobs is visible publicly you can block some shifts. They are visible then but it is not possible to register with the public form. Again the registration is possible with a link or for logged in users.

Coordinators for jobs

Beside helpers there are coordinators for each job that do not have a shift.


The coordinators have nothing to do with user accounts in the system. If someone is a coordinator for a job he has not automatically the access rights to manage this job. Therefor you have to add an user as job admin.